How to Use Microsoft 365 Clipper to Extract Text and Images on Android

Use Microsoft 365 Clipper to Extract Text and Images on Android

How to Use Microsoft 365 Clipper to Extract Text and Images on Android? Except for the Pixel line, there are no Android devices with OEM skin that have built-in text and image extractors. However, many apps make up for this shortcoming. If you’re a Microsoft 365 user, its Clipper tool can help you interact with text on your screen and save images instantly. Here’s how to use it.

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How to Use Microsoft 365 Clipper to Extract Text and Images

The Microsoft 365 Clipper tool is only available on the Microsoft 365 app on Android. So, before you can start using it, make sure you have installed the Microsoft 365 app and enabled Clipper inside.

Step 1: Install Microsoft 365 apps and activate Clipper

  • Install the Microsoft 365 app from the Play Store and sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • To enable Clipper, tap your profile icon in the top left corner and select Settings.
  • Under “Notifications”, enable Tap to Clip and its option will be available in the notifications section.
  • You can use the “Tap to Clip” option whenever you want to extract text and images on the screen. For quick access to this option, you can enable its floating icon. To do this, tap the icon next to “Tap to clip” and grant it the necessary permissions.

Step 2: Extract, copy, share, and translate text in the screenshot

Clipper works by capturing a screenshot of your screen and then highlighting text and images for you to interact with. Here’s how to use it to interact with text:

  • Tap the floating “Tap to Clip” icon (or use its notification) and capture the screen.
  • Once the clipper highlights the content on your screen, select the text you want to remove. The right-click context menu will allow you to copy, search (on Bing), create a design, or share text through various apps.
  • Clipper also lets you save text to OneNote. Tap the three-dot icon in the context menu and select Save. Confirm your changes and go back into OneNote. It will be saved automatically.
  • To translate highlighted text, tap the three-dot icon and select Translate.

Step 3: Extract, edit, and save images into screenshots

Clipper isn’t as clean with images as it is with text. But in most cases it gets the job done. Here’s how to extract and save images with Clipper:

  • Open a page containing an image and tap the Tap to Clip icon.
  • Extract the image by tapping the white dot on the image. Use the context menu options to copy and share the image or use it to create a design with Microsoft Designer.
  • You can also include or exclude text around an image using the Refine option. This will give you the option to “Delete” or “Add” the surrounding text.
  • “Delete” lets you hide the text around the image while “Add” brings it back. Tap “Confirm” to confirm the changes.
  • To save the image, tap the three-dot icon in the context menu. Select Save Image. It will be saved in your gallery.

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